Structural Engineering Litigation Services

Throughout the United States, Lawson Burke is contacted by owners, contractors, tenants and/or their attorneys who have reached the point where differences between parties are not able to be resolved by normal means. When this occurs, Lawson Burke provides a review of relevant documents and an onsite evaluation of the as-constructed project, if necessary. LBSE coordinates their efforts with our clients. From the start of the investigation process through court representation, we are an integral part of the depositions and in-court presentations. We represent the plaintiff or defendant and we only take on those structural engineering consulting projects when we believe in the matter we are representing. Please note: Litigation Services have never represented more than five percent of the overall LBSE business. Our primary focus is as practicing structural engineers. We believe this adds significantly to our credibility and that of our clients.

Our goal: Successful Services, Stress free clients
With each Litigation we remain open when reviewing documents and representing our client—working with them to insure a successful outcome.

A partial list of many satisfied clients who have used Lawson-Burke Structural Engineers, LLC for structural engineering litigation and structural expert services include:
  • Pivo, Halbreich, Martin, Wilson & Amo, LLP
  • Douglas G. Peterson & Associates, INC.
  • Watt, Tieder, Hoffar & Fitzgerald, LLP
  • Muzi & Associates
  • Gelber, Darling & Robertson

Contact Lawson-Burke Structural Engineers, LLC to provide Litigation Services for your structural needs. Our goal is to ensure that we assist you in attaining a successful outcome.